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Heshida Hot Selling Super Washable & Anti-friction For Interior Wall Coating

Practical Coverage: 100-120 Square Meter / 10kgs Gloss:Matt Gloss Surface Dry: Thirty~Fifty (30~50) Minutes. Overcoating Interval: Allow Thirty~Fifty(30~50)Minutes Before Recoating. Dry Through: Five(5) Days Dry Film Thickness: 0.2-0.3mm/Coat Application Method: Paint Brush, Roller Or Airless Spray. Packaging: 5kgs/Bag,2bags/Bucket Thinning: The Ratio Of Powder To Water Is 1:1.4 ~ 1:1.6. Available Colors: There Are 9 Basic Colors, Can Use These 9 Basic Colors With Different Formula To Get Any Color You Want. Description: Heshida Super Washable & Anti-friction Interior Wall Dry Powder Paint Use International Innovative Formula,No Pollution To Indoor And Outdoor Environment.This Film Density Is Tenacious, With Super Scrub Resistance, Superior Environmental Performance, At The Same Time Have A Number Of Excellent Performance: Super White Paint Film Super Strong Covering Power Handle Delicate Good Flowing Property, Especially Suitable For High-Grade Indoor Decorating And Painting.         Application: It Is Suitable For Surface High-Grade Coating Such As Interior Wall, Ceiling, Concrete, Gypsum Board, Brick Structure, Asbestos Board And So On.     Instructions For Use: ①Add Water To The 2-3cm Below The Water Level Of Inner Wall Of The Barrel. ②Pour 2 Bags Of Powder, Natural Precipitation For One Minute. ③Stir At High Speed With An Electric Mixer For At Least 8 Minutes. ④Scrape Off The Floating Material With The Whisk Head And Stir For 2 To 3 Minutes. ⑤Then Add Water Until About 10 ~ 15 Cm From The Top Of The Barrel.Use A Whisk Again For About 30 Seconds.Add Water To 1.5-2cm Above The Top Edge Of The Barrel(If Use Airless Spray, Add Water To The Groove On The Top Edge Of The Barrel, The Ratio Of Powder To Water Is 1:1.4 ) ⑥Leave It For 30 Minutes(Leave It For 1~2 Hours Is Better) ⑦Gently Stir With A Stick Or A Blender, And Then Filter With A Specially Equipped Filter Screen For 2 Or 3 Times, Then You Can Use It.

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