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Heshida Happiness Dry Powder Paint For Interior Wall Use

Practical Coverage: 100-120 Square Meter / 10kgs Gloss:Matt Gloss Surface Dry: Thirty~Fifty (30~50) Minutes. Overcoating Interval: Allow Thirty~Fifty(30~50)Minutes Before Recoating. Dry Through: Five(5) Days Dry Film Thickness: 0.2-0.3mm/Coat Application Method: Paint Brush, Roller Or Airless Spray. Packaging: 5kgs/Bag,2bags/Bucket Thinning: The Ratio Of Powder To Water Is 1:1.4 ~ 1:1.6. Available Colors: There Are 9 Basic Colors, Can Use These 9 Basic Colors With Different Formula To Get Any Color You Want. Description: Heshida Happiness Interior Wall Dry Powder Paint Use International Innovative Formula,No Pollution To Indoor And Outdoor Environment.This Product Has A Good Covering Force, Adhesion Anti-Mildew Resistance And Excellent Construction Performance Paint Film Tenacity, Non-Toxic And Tasteless, Especially Suitable For Mid-Range Interior Decoration And Repainting.   Application: It Is Suitable For Surface Middle – Grade Coating Such As Interior Wall, Ceiling, Concrete, Gypsum Board, Brick Structure, Asbestos Board And So On.     Instructions For Use: ①Add Water To The 2-3cm Below The Water Level Of Inner Wall Of The Barrel. ②Pour 2 Bags Of Powder, Natural Precipitation For One Minute. ③Stir At High Speed With An Electric Mixer For At Least 8 Minutes. ④Scrape Off The Floating Material With The Whisk Head And Stir For 2 To 3 Minutes. ⑤Then Add Water Until About 10 ~ 15 Cm From The Top Of The Barrel.Use A Whisk Again For About 30 Seconds.Add Water To 1.5-2cm Above The Top Edge Of The Barrel(If Use Airless Spray, Add Water To The Groove On The Top Edge Of The Barrel, The Ratio Of Powder To Water Is 1:1.4 ) ⑥Leave It For 30 Minutes(Leave It For 1~2 Hours Is Better) ⑦Gently Stir With A Stick Or A Blender, And Then Filter With A Specially Equipped Filter Screen For 2 Or 3 Times, Then You Can Use It.

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